Introduction to Supersymmetry

This course will give an introduction to global supersymmetry in quantum field theory. The focus will be on exact results and the light they shed on non-perturbative phenomena in strongly coupled gauge theories. A prerequisite is familiarity with some basic quantum field theory. More advanced field theory topics, notable Wilsonian effective actions, anomalies, instantons, monopoles, and conformal symmetries, will be taught as part of the course.

The course evaluation will be based on regular problem sets that will be handed in during the term. I will also ask the students to read a published research article from a given list and present a short review of the article to the class. The presentation and the sum of the problem sets will be given equal weighting in formulating the final grade.

We will be following mostly lecture notes "Introduction to Global Supersymmetry" by Philip Argyres, available at

All interested students should contact Prof. Buchel at abuchel[at] soon as possible.

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