AM 584b, Winter 2005

Quantum computation and information -I

Time & Place: F 2:00-5:00pm Room: MC 15B

Instructor: Alex Buchel, office: MC 264, Ext: 88794, E-mail: abuchel[at]

Office hours: by appointment

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This course is geared for graduate students in physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science. It should also be accessible to senior undergraduate students with a good grasp of Linear Algebra. For undergraduate students AM213b (Linear Algebra II) with a minimum mark of 75% is required. A previous course work in Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, (classical) Computer Science (information theory, algorithms theory, complexity theory) is very useful, but not essential.

Course outline:

I. Introduction:
II. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics:
III. Introduction to computer science:
IV. Quantum computation:
V. Quantum Fourier transform and its applications:
VI. Quantum search algorithm:


he primary text is a book by Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information". Additional resources will be posted on/linked to the course webpage.

Course evaluation:

The course evaluation will be based on several (to be determined) regular problem sets that will be handed in during the term. There is no final exam.

Lecture notes:

Additional lecture notes will be posted here.


Homework/solutions will be posted here.

Other notes:

John Preskill, Quantum Information and Computation


Feedback to the instructor regarding the quality, speed, and content of presentation is especially appreciated during the semester!