APPLMATH 1411A, Fall 2017

Linear Algebra with Numerical Analysis for Engineering

Time & Place: M,W,F 8:30am-9:30 Room: NSC-1

Instructor: Alex Buchel, Ext: 88794, E-mail: abuchel[at]

Office hours: M:9:30-11:30 (make an appointment by email to be sure I am in my office)

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Course outline: [outline.pdf]


"Elementary Linear Algebra" 11th edition by Howard Anton, Wiley (2014)

Course evaluation:

The final course mark will be determined as follows:
  • Tutorial tests: 30%
  • Matlab test: 10%
  • Final Examination: 60%

  • Lecture notes :

    (you are ultimately responsible for taking your own notes during the class)

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    Feedback to the instructor regarding the quality, speed, and content of presentation is especially appreciated during the semester!